Friday, February 19, 2016


Ooof not a peep since November eh? I recently went through my bloglovin' list of blogs I follow and realized I can't judge these blogs for not posting since well, here we are. For most of November and December Chris and I were pretty ill with who knows what so I was pretty uninspired to post anything. Then our family's got sick and we had to cobble together a late Christmas celebration. So here are with 5 wonderful things that have happened since I last saw you:

1. I lobbed it! It's been about 6 or 7 years since I had short hair and decided to go for it right before Christmas. I really love it! I also love this picture of Chris and I solo in our Quarantine Christmas!

2. I helped pull off a great BINGO night for the Junior League of Orange and Durham Counties! We had so much fun doing it and I met a lot of great women who volunteered for us. We also raised a ton of money for the league and our goal to educate those in the area on healthy living. 

3. I had a little niece born! Audrey is doing great, she has big open eyes all the time and is slowly but surely gaining weight.

4. Chris defended his thesis! Whew! I woke up that morning to Chris smoking about 25 pounds of pork shoulder and brisket - he really pulled together a great meal and an even better presentation. Even this orthodontic novice understood it! ;)

Speaking of Chris' research he was invited to present at a conference in California and I get to go with him! I'm so excited to go back and see some of our friends who moved there from Baltimore. 

5. Duke WON on Wednesday!

It was a nail biter but a good game altogether and Chris got to go! I know it's an unpopular opinion but I fell in love with my husband at Duke so I support them. :)

Happy to be back and hopefully posting regularly! :)

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