Friday, November 6, 2015


Oh my it's been quite a crazy month for me!! I wasn't planning on taking a break but it was much needed. I'm back and refreshed and feel great! So where I've been...

1. I was in one of my best friends weddings! Hannah is so amazing and the women she chose to stand with her were some of the most incredible people I have ever met. I was so honored she asked me to be a bridesmaid. It was completely gorgeous and they had some of the most beautiful fall weather to compliment their gorgeous ceremony. Chris and I had a blast and are ready to go back to Lexington ASAP!

2. We had dinner with an orthodontist in Greensboro to talk about the practice, we have a couple more lined up in the near future but we still don't know where we'll end up! I don't think we will find out until 2016! It's a little stressful trying to figure out our lives at this point, especially since we are constantly asked where we'll end up. Chris has also been interviewing incoming students for the Ortho Program. It's pretty crazy that he'll never actually work with them! We're on the home stretch!!

3. I've been missing my sweet niece and nephew, I mean how can you not when you get pictures like this...

4. I wasn't feeling great last week and Chris brewed some ginger syrup for me since he couldn't find my favorite ginger beer, and it was AMAZING! I felt so much better. Plus our entire house smelled like ginger. It was pretty above and beyond considering he cleaned the house too after all the construction we've had going on...VVV

5. Finally what has been keeping me most occupied for October was our Halloween costumes! If you follow me on snapchat (marisa_camille) I was driving you crazy with the process but very few clues as to what we actually were. Well...

We didn't make it very far down Franklin Street because we kept being stopped for pictures! 

We had a ton of fun but it was pretty exhausting! You can see my Karate Gi got a little banged up but we survived and had so much fun!!

Also my birthday is NEXT WEEK! How is this happening!? The year is flying by! I hope you all have had a great October and a great weekend!!

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  1. Your halloween costumes were amazing! And yay for birthday week - enjoy the weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Gorgeous wedidng picture! Love your bridesmaid dresses!! Weddings are always so fun.


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