Friday, September 11, 2015


Finally it's Friday!! Why are short weeks the longest?? Here's my five on Friday!

1. Chris and I are headed to the lake this weekend solo. We really need some alone time away from our house. The lake is perfect since it is so secluded we can get to hang out by ourselves!

2. Thankfully it's not so secluded that we can now get a phone signal up there in case baby girl Pruett decided to make her debut a little early!

3. I made a couple orders over the past few weeks and like a dummy I changed my billing address but didn't change my mailing address and had to run by our old place yesterday. It was so weird to see how someone else would decorate it! But I got this awesome rug that I am really pumped to have in our kitchen!


4. Why is this so hilarious and amazing? Sad to say it makes me want to get drunk with Chris and recount the very very beginning of our relationship because being in high school adds a whole other arena of drama and hilarity.

5. Finally this song is how I will welcome my weekend! If you've been around for a while you'll know I am obsessed with the Paralympics and even though they don't focus on that directly I think it's awesome they put a spotlight on people with different abilities and their athleticism. Welcome to the weekend!

p.s. my thoughts on today are ever changing, here's how I felt and my experience from 2011

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  1. Enjoy the lake just the two of you -- so relaxing!

  2. Enjoy a weekend away! New follower from the linkup! Happy Friday :)


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