Monday, September 14, 2015

Lake Weekend

What a weekend! Chris and I had a lovely secluded weekend to ourselves. The nice thing about going up to the lake is there is already almost no one there but this weekend we only saw about four people total. It was just a great time to spend one on one time with just each other.

We went up on Friday night, made ourselves at home, had dinner and talked the night away. The next day since Chris, Dad, and Jeremy had cleaned the place out the previous weekend Chris and I made iced coffee the night before. Neither of us had tried this experiment before and luckily it worked out! We then got everything ready for our adventure for the day. We kayaked for most of the day and had captain Kona at our steer and bow. He finally seemed to get more comfortable with the water. It was perfect weather for us, warm and overcast but no rain! Before we went in for dinner we saw some friends on their boat and of course they asked about baby girl Pruett, who is still in hiding!

We enjoyed dinner and quiet time together. It's interesting how when you're by yourselves with no outside stimulation the topics that come up. Of course we listened to music and a couple podcasts but without the normal disturbances we got a chance to just be together in a way we don't normally get.

We went out again on Sunday, it was much sunnier but way more windy and chilly!! Definitely had our first taste of fall up there! We only paddled for a couple hours before we were ready to warm up and head home. I'm so grateful Chris and I got this weekend to connect and be super active together.

Hope you all had a great one too!

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