Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Book Club: The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott

Has it been forever since I wrote a book review? Oh it's because I've picked up several terrible books and had to put them down because they couldn't keep my attention. Finally I found one that I could get through! 

This book is about Tess, an aspiring seamstress who takes a chance on herself and boldly makes a case for herself to board the Titanic in the company of a world famous designer, Lady Duff Gordon. While on board she meets a kind sailor who defends her when she makes a small misstep which turns into a huge embarrassment for her and Lady Duff Gordon. She also meets an eccentric businessman from Chicago who dazzles her with stories of America. On the fourth day disaster strikes and Tess has to make quick choices that will either save her life or send her to the freezing water. Thanks to her quick thinking she is able to save herself and a few others and once safe on land she catches the eye of a New York reporter who wants to find out what really happened on Lady Duff Gordon's life boat. 

Back on dry land Tess has to decide on her loyalty for Lady Duff Gordon, how she feels about the sailor and the business man and how she is going to survive in this new world. 

I liked this book, I didn't learn until the end that it was based on true events. Of course I knew about the Titanic but I didn't know Lady Duff Gordon was a real person and there were many questions about her life boat in particular. There were parts int eh book I didn't really care for or felt too unrealistic and took me out of my book dream. But this is such a quick read if you don't like it you've probably already finished it! 

I also found it interesting that if you want to look for more books by Kate Alcott you'll have to look under Patricia O'Brien. Ms. O'Brien has written several other books but couldn't get The Dressmaker picked up, she changed her name to Kate Alcott and it got picked up in 3 days! 

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this book and like you didn't know it was based on the true story of Lady Duff. I like the writing style and really enjoyed the character of Tess.


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