Thursday, August 6, 2015

We're back!

Traveling so much really takes it out of me! Yeesh! I'm starting to feel like we're back to normal and catch you up on our travels!

We left Raleigh on Saturday morning with our friends James and Jillian who were our travel companions throughout the trip. Even though we left later than we (I) wanted and went down the wrong exit we made it to the airport on time. I am so anxious about getting to the airport and through security, is anyone else like that? The second I get to the gate I feel better.

We got to Rochester and then drove to Ottawa from there! Thankfully James and Jillian are awesome co-pilots so the boys chatted in front while the girls plotted for Jillian's little boy and played Phase 10.  We were greeted by the most ridiculous storm, showing only on the Canadian side, on the US however it was beautiful and sunny! After we passed through the international border we saw the brightest most vivid rainbow I have ever seen in my life! The pictures just can't do it justice!

{Sunny USA | Terrifying cloud land Canada!}

{ugh you can't see all of ROY G BIV but in person you could see them all!}

The time passed so quickly, the only way we realized time was passing was by our grumbling bellies! We finally got to our destination around 9 and were ready to meet up with the groom for some drinks and poutine!

It was a GORGEOUS day on Saturday so we walked all around Ottawa, saw all the parks, the changing of the guards, the locks, a mid-day parade, Byward Market,  and even a BBQ competition! We headed back after so much walking for a little siesta and got ready for the big night!

The wedding was gorgeous! We even had a little rendition of Oh Canada! playing in the background thanks to the nearby Parliament! After the ceremony we walked over to the restaurant where we were treated to oysters, champagne, and other small canapes. Before dinner there were many toasts and a tradition of instead of clinking glasses to make the bride and groom kiss we had to sing a song with the word 'love' in it. We learned a TON of French love songs through this tradition! :)

{I'm going full on Farrah in this pic! ;)}

After that we danced the night away and were treated to some late night poutine!

We had to leave the next morning to make our flight from Rochester and made it back to North Carolina in the late night but we made it and were so happy we got to be a part of our friends wedding!

Hope you all had a great weekend too and a great week so far! Happy Friday eve!

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