Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Update

 I needed a relaxing weekend just to get my life pulled together a bit! Chris and I went out to Revolution for dinner on Friday night because I have been wanting poke for months now! I saw they had it on their menu and I knew I had to go and try it. We decided to split several small plates and they were all great! I was a little disappointed that the poke was filled with a salad and had a very strong vinegar dressing on it rather than a traditional sesame and tuna taste, thankfully the rest of our plates more than made up for it! The grilled octopus salad was so good, the pork and shrimp rolls were much better then I expected them to be, they had so much flavor and they mixed so nicely. And the best were the mussels! Plus I found out that Chris had never had mussels before! I have exposed Mr. Chris to so many foods in our ten years together I still forget there are some things he hasn't had before! They paced out our plates which at first I wanted all of our food at once but after digesting and talking and drinking our fabulous cocktails we were ready for our second round of plates and weren't overly full and were able to eat everything! We ended the night with a nightcap at Criterion.

We got to sleep in finally! Like really sleep in, it was perfect. We got some chores done and I went to get my bridesmaid dress altered. Afterwards Chris and I went to the pool and there was no one there!! So great.

Does anyone else get giant hair after being in or around salt water?

We made a great salad for dinner, just a perfect day with Chris. I love having a relaxing day with just him and me.

On Sunday we went our own ways, Chris to his brothers house and me to the sorority house to help out with recruitment. I always want to talk about it or snapchat it but I can't!! But I can say they are doing great! Since Chris and I only have one car I had to take an Uber back home and I got the most awesome adorable nerdy driver! Five stars.

I came home and ran the dishwasher which for some reason terrifies Kona. He runs away, he shivers, he pants and hides in the bathroom. Does anyone else have this issue with their dog? We don't know what to do for him, nothing helps him! I'm not sure if a thundershirt will help him or not. Has anyone tried them before? Let us know so we can run our dishwasher without traumatizing our dog! I'm pretty sure the dishwasher is why he went into cat mode once and got caught in the blinds too. Any suggestions are welcome!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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