Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Update

Another crazy weekend! We started by enjoying Chris' freshly brewed bitters in some drinks and dinner at our friends house. We got to sleep in a little before heading over to the pool for a pre-wedding soak in the sun! The wedding was at 4 so we didn't stay out for very long. Our friends James and Jillian came over to get ready. Jillian accidentally left her makeup in Canada last weekend! Thankfully she has a friend that is way too obsessed with makeup so she had plenty to borrow and take for herself! ;)

The wedding was so lovely and full of friends and family! So happy for Joe and Robin!

Look at that handmade brooch bouquet! Only one more wedding this year! We had a blast dancing the night away with our friends and walking all over downtown Raleigh. 

We had to sleep in on Sunday since we stayed up way too late dancing! But we had to get up eventually since we've had ribs in our fridge just itching to be smoked! We smoked them for about 9 hours all while we were at the pool. Seriously a perfect lazy Sunday! We got a fly in our house while we were smoking and it made Kona very skiddish. He still hasn't gotten over being stung by the bees. I'm a little worried we may have to get him a thundershirt. I don't mind though because he gets very snuggly when he gets nervous. 

We have a pretty busy week ahead with no sleeping in allowed! Hope you all had a great weekend!


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