Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Lady in White

As I mentioned earlier, this weekend I will be celebrating one of my best friends and Bride-to-be in Charleston! I have known Hannah since I first moved to Charlotte in 2004. She was one of my first friends I made in school and has remained a dear and loyal friend ever since. She is actually how I met my husband Chris.

A little back story...(so high school)

I met Hannah because I had a crush on a guy in one of my classes, he invited me to eat lunch with him and his friends so duh, I said yes! Turns out he was actually dating Hannah at the time! Well they didn't last much longer but Hannah and I did! Somehow I tricked her into thinking I was cool and we ate lunch together everyday after that. One day she invited one of her friends from her chemistry class to eat lunch with us. It was that super cute guy from ultimate frisbee I was always too intimidated to talk to. Little did I know that Chris wasn't as great of friends with this group of people (I was brand new to the school after all) and he started to have lunch with us everyday because of me! The rest is pretty much history!

{my first trip to KY started fresh off the plane - no make up- with a sake tasting!}

After we graduated High School I went to UNCW and Hannah went to UK. I went to visit her as often as a poor college student could (twice I think during undergrad) and we would talk long into the night about all kinds of things, mostly boys and friend drama. She exposed me to my love of bourbon and more specifically Bourbon Ales! Can't get enough! She also made me fall in love with horse racing at Keeneland. 

{Bourbon tasting at Woodford Reserve}

So much so that I have convinced several other friends to make the trip out there with me!

{my second trip - visiting Four Roses}

She has been such an amazing friend to me that I asked her to stand with me during my wedding as one of my bridesmaids! Luckily she was able to make the trip out and we had a great time. She also got to use her FLUENT German with my Granny. (This made my Granny extremely happy.)
{My rehearsal in Kaua'i}

I'm looking forward to many, many, many, more adventures with her and her husband-to-be Chris!

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  1. Awwww, what a sweet post! Watching a friend get married is so much fun :)! Have a blast this weekend!


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