Friday, August 21, 2015


I am currently in Charlotte sleeping in my old bed, aka the most comfortable bed in the world! I'm just dropping Kona off with his grandparents and then I'm off!

1. Woohoo!! It's my sweet Hannah's Bachelorette Weekend!! Back to Charleston for us!!

{My Bachelorette 4 years ago!}

2. Guys these temporary tattoos are so cool! They last about 2 weeks using organic fruit dyes.

I'm backing their project because it looks so cool! How fun would it be to have these on a vacation? I think tattoos are so cool but 1. I'm too much of a wuss 2. I don't know what I would want 3. Where would I want this? ughh too many decisions! The Kickstarter ends on Friday August 28 at 9:51am so if you want to back it click here

3. Chris and I started The Jinx this week. The first episode was so gruesome I didn't think I could watch it but by the end I was ready to see how the craziness unfolds! You would think for someone that sees pretty gruesome things regularly that it wouldn't bother me but there is definitely a difference between a medical mistake and murder. Have you guys seen The Jinx? Let me know what you thought!

4. OMG for all you parents taking your kids to school for the first time here is a little something that will give you some morning tears!

OMG how sweet is that!? 

5. And finally just because I have somehow still not become sick of this song and Have loved Walk the Moon since forever a movie dance compilation to welcome your weekend!

Yay!! Hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!

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  1. Have so much fun, lady!!!! I know it will be a blast. Celebrating friends getting married is the best.

    I posted that video today too, the lil guy is just too, too cute!

    Happy Friday, gorgeous!

  2. I hope you enjoyed Charleston! We just left on Friday:)



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