Friday, August 7, 2015


Why did it take me so long to get back in the swing of things? Seriously, I only missed one day of work and it threw me off so much! Thankfully there is no traveling...

1. For our next wedding this weekend! The only thing is I'm still not sure what I want to wear!

{via yesterdays post!}

2. To make this week go by a little faster I've been listening to a new podcast for me called Criminal. It's all about different kinds of crimes and the people involved. It was cool because the very first one was about someone from Chapel Hill!

3. The one really great thing about this week is that Mr. Chris was at home so I got some pretty choice meals when I got home. He will be finishing up his bitters class today so maybe we'll have some yummy pre-wedding cocktails! 

4. On our trip I carried a backpack and now I am OBSESSED with backpacks. I'm seriously ready to exchange my heavy purse for a cute backpack. Let the shopping commence!

This was my carry on, obviously not an everyday thing but if I find a super cute one then I'll be ready to not be lopsided anymore. This was a great carry on since I had so much room and it was so easy to carry! You can't beat hands free! (My only issue with this bag is I wanted it because it has the skateboard straps and they can't hold up my longboard! However a regular board I think would be fine.)

5. Ugh I'm just so ready for the weekend we're only having High Four for Friday! Friday Sangria here I come! (Maybe Saturday Sangria pre-wedding pool party!)


6. Ok I found something that I wanted to write about! I love this 'interview'.

Mostly because American Ultra looks awesome!

I know I'm totally going against being a girly blogger but seriously, trailers get me every time!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. You guys look darling in that first photo! And Yay for no travel! Haha I always ask my husband to carry our stuff in a backpack on a trip – makes things so much easier!

  2. I'm going to have to check out Criminal. I was addicted to Serial and now Undisclosed so I'm itching for something new
    Trish - tales from trish

  3. Gorgeous dress in that first picture!!


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