Monday, August 24, 2015

Bachelorette Weekend

Wow. I know I probably say I'm exhausted after every weekend but this is so much more extreme. I drove down to Charleston from Charlotte on Friday afternoon and was reunited with my sweet Hannah, Shemeh and finally met Sarah, Hannah's MOH and amazing weekend planner. We had an awesome house tucked right by King Street. Boy was this place tucked back there, we weaved through several houses to get to it! But this place was bomb! 

We kept it pretty low key while we waited for the rest of the group playing Cads Against Matrimony and having plenty of champagne. After the rest of our crew came in we played some more games and showered her with lingerie and more than enough pairs of panties!

The next day we were all assembled, breakfasted and went straight to Folly Beach. We tanned, chatted, jumped in the waves and walked around until it started to downpour! We probably needed a break from the sun and grab some lunch anyway so it was perfect timing. 

We went back and got ready for an amazing dinner and dancing. I did a lot of hair and makeup which I loved! We ate dinner at Prohibition where we had some amazing cocktails and tapas. Then it was time to get our dancing shoes on! We went to Stars, a rooftop bar to start. As we were getting ready to leave I hear a screech of MARISA!? My best friend Heather Lee is sitting there causally in Charleston! We've been so busy talking about Labor Day we forgot to talk about anything else! Talk about a mini reunion!

Then we really got to dancing! We had so much fun and even though we were not too far from our place we still needed to get an Uber for our feet! We had a wild night and I am definitely still in recovery mode, especially after driving for 6 hours. I was so happy to collapse into my comfy bed.

Hope you all had an GREAT weekend!!


  1. Looks like a fabulous bachey weekend. So glad y'all had fun, love the 'that's what she said' shirts, too cute.

  2. Such a fun weekend! I love all the "little" things like the decorations and your shirts/pins! We did my bachelorette in Charleston too - such a great spot!


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