Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wishlist Wednesday

One of my wishes came true!! I finally got my passport!! I was starting to get really nervous since I had a whole issue with my birth certificate and picture. Which, just now realizing I didn't tell you guys! 

When I went to submit all my information for my passport I brought everything and had everything all filled out so they would just need to check it over and take my picture. I specifically went to an office that could take my picture so I wouldn't have to worry about it being wrong or anything. Well I got there and the camera had run out of film! So they told me there was a UPS across the street and I could get it taken there. I get there and their camera is broken too!! So I drive basically all the way back home to a UPS that can take my picture and bring it back to the office. 


A couple weeks later I get a letter from the passport office saying my birth certificate was not the right one! WHAT? This was literally given to me at birth, how is it not the right one?! Apparently Texas has different ones and I needed the passport one...So I hightail it to UPS again to get a 'new' birth certificate and send it in to the passport office. 3 weeks later and I finally have my passport! 

Of course I randomly found my old passport a few days ago and showed Chris the worst/best picture of a 12 year old Marisa. Not cute. 

Happy Hump Day!!

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  1. Glad you finally got everything settled after all that - getting these things done is the worst!


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