Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Update

This is what our weekend was like...

On Friday we went to Friday's on the Front Porch with some friends and little Kona. We didn't stick around too long after a long workday Friday's can feel like several days smashed into one. We called it a night early made dinner at home and watched Big Hero 6. It was so cute and perfect for Mr. Chris and me.

On Saturday we ran around and did a lot of errands while being totally 90's. Chris' phone is being weird and probably needs a new SIM card so he was pretty much without a phone. I had to go to several stores while Chris had his phone looked at. Once he was done he had to look for me, finally just calling me from the Home Depot phone! So Seinfeld. We used our bogo Chipotle for a late lunch and went back to doing our boring chores. (Get them now, they expire on August 11!)

We went out with some friends from DC to Criterion and had an absolute blast with them. I really loved this bar, they had a lot of craft beer and very nice bourbon so it was right up our alley!

We had a low key Sunday and I'm ready for the week! Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. Love that you got to take Kona along on Friday night - we took Stella with us for dinner for the first time last night and it went pretty well. Low key Sundays are the best - I'm hoping for one next weekend!

  2. My hubby and I watched Big Hero 6 a while back! Totally lame I'm into pixar movies as a 25 year old adult? I prefer to think of it as "awesome" instead

    Cheers! Taylor @ The Southerndoe


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