Friday, July 17, 2015


This week flew by for me! Thank goodness right!?

1. Chris and I are headed to Charlotte this weekend to see the fam and a potential partnership for Dr. Chris! Looking for jobs for him is much different than looking for jobs for me! While we're there my parents are taking us to see Sam Smith! We'll be having a soulful Saturday!

2. I know I have had this palette for a about a year and I still freaking love it! It has been going with me on all our little trips because it has everything I need, it's just flawless! I LOVE Tarte and need to see this guy in person before I purchase. I also want to try their new blush too!

3. Here are a few things that made me laugh out loud this week:

What Your Eyelashes Mean: Jenna has been hilarious since her first video (OMG 5 Years ago!)

Best Responses to Amazon Prime Day! I was standing at my bus stop just losing it over this post.

Being a Third Wheel in Pictures 

Okay also I love videos like this one

4. The Nordstrom Sale is now open to non-card holders! I'll probably be picking up a couple things I've had my eye on!

5. I'm pretty excited for Kate's braiding workshop on Monday! Will I see any of you there? I'll be one of her hair models! :)

Hope you all have a great weekend and HAPPY FRIDAY!

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  1. A braiding workshop?! That sounds like so much fun!

  2. Ha! Those Amazon Prime responses are fabulous!

  3. Linking up with OHF. I love the palette.


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