Thursday, July 30, 2015

Owning It

Linking up with Christina from The New Mrs for this months Owning It!

Sometimes I can't pull a good post together... 
I wrote one yesterday for Workout Wednesday and it just wasn't good. Occasionally I just can't get it together! Anyone else use My Fitness Pal?

Some stuff will probably stay packed until we move again in May. 
I hate it, but I own it.

Even though Chris and I were some of our first friends to get married we will be some of the last to have kids...
I love being able to throw showers and buy all the baby things for our friends, we're just not ready yet! We've got 6 babies on the way this year!!

Sometimes I just don't want to tidy up... 
I know it will just take a second but what I want to do now is lay on the couch and watch Netflix. Chris and I are finishing Orphan Black which is on BBC America and I'm obsessed!

I am obsessed with coffee...
I think about it all the time. I love the taste of just black coffee and I constantly want to just taste it, don't even need the caffeine most of the time I just like coffee! I love other coffee drinks but my first choice in the morning is black. 

Chris and I won't know where we're moving till probably November or later...
 We get asked all the time and sometimes you just need to embrace the chaos.

Let us know what you guys are owning up to! She does the linkup the last Thursday of the month!

P.s. Are you kidding me it's the last Thursday of the month already!?!?


  1. We were on of the first to get married too! And I can't believe this weekend it will be August!

  2. We were some of the first to get married and I totally understand on the kid front. I love kids but we are nowhere near ready but the questions about it get annoying sometimes!

  3. Some days I don't want to pick up either...sitting on the couch or going straight to bed is just much more appealing!


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