Monday, July 6, 2015

July Fourth Weekend Update

I didn't mean to leave you all in radio silence last week! I had a couple drafts ready that never got completed because of life. Thankfully we had a mostly great long weekend and I hope you did too!

We kicked out weekend off with saying goodbye to our friends Alison and Brendan as they start their cross country move from Baltimore, MD to Newport Beach, CA!

We left to go to the lake early the next morning. Chris set up our tent and we hit the water for our first and only run of the day as it down poured for the remainder of the day! But we were all happy to take naps with Jackson and read. We celebrated the birthdays a day early, so Noelle got her blueberry pie on the third.

We did our usual mob ski the next day and I got up on the first try with one ski! Thankfully both groups got up on the first try so we only had to do it once!

{isn't this the greatest pic ever?}
Mom got her watermelon cake but with a Noelle amount of candles and they both blew them out. Right before dinner poor Kony decided to explore a small bees nest and got stung a couple times!! We didn't realized what happen till he started acting so strange and lethargic. His little face swelled up and the stings got clearer. Chris ran and got some baby benadryl which has helped with his pain and swelling. Chris and I pretty much didn't want to be away from our baby after that so we went home early the next day.

{look at that big sad face!! :(}

Poor Kona is at home still resting his little swollen face. Just thinking about how scared he was makes me want to cry!

I hope you all had a happy fourth and healthy pups!


  1. That photo with the cake is so adorable! I do hope your pup is feeling better today - that is terrible!

    1. Thank you! Kona is still in recovery mode and just wants to sleep under the bed but should be back to fighting form soon!

  2. Looks like you all had a great time on the lake! Have a great week :)


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