Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Braiding Workshop with Kate from The Small Things Blog

Last night I had so much fun! Kate hosted a braiding workshop and I got to meet some local ladies and learn a couple new braids and techniques. She was hosting at Parlor in Raleigh which is so cute, if you ever need a blowout or styling I would definitely head there! The ladies were so nice and helpful, and legit, so cool, but not intimidating cool! ;) Also, Kate is so sweet and GORGEOUS in person, I knew she was pretty of course, but she is really stunning in person, it doesn't hurt that she's so warm and kind as well!

 Kate taught us four braiding styles. She started out with the simplest, a headband braid then taking it up to an almost crown braid with face framing braids. I got this one down pretty easily. Since we were short on time mine didn't end up looking as great as it would have if I wasn't taking it right back down. But I knew I could perfect it when I would want to show it off.

Next she went into a cool fishtail braid that was like a French braid. (mostly like this pin but fishtailed) I have tried this so many times and never got it, but this time I did! I even helped some of the other ladies there learn how to do it! I definitely still need some practice but now I know how it feels, I think I got it!

Then she did a twist on a braid I do a lot. She Dutch braided from one side and then the other, then with the two braids, twisted them into each other to result in one gorgeous braid. Since we were running short on time she went right into doing my hair, which of course ended up being my favorite!

Mine starts as a Dutch braid going around my head to the back and ending in one, two, or three French twists depending on if you want a pony tail or not. (Mine has three twists)

I loved the workshop, it was so fun, easy, and not intimidating. Everyone, even the other guests were super helpful and as an added bonus we all got 15% off our purchases including blow outs!

{OMG I'm such a goob}

Thank you so much Kate for hosting and teaching us all the great techniques for making our hair as beautiful as yours is!

Do you guys have trouble with braids? I might have to post some of my go-to braids and hairstyles if you guys are interested!

p.s. totes wearing my hair from last night to work today! ;)


  1. Love this! Thanks for coming!!

  2. I love Kate's blog and this post makes me wish even more that I had long hair! I just got a chin length bob and there's not much that can be done with it! But the braids are pretty to look at! :)

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