Thursday, July 23, 2015

Braiding Workshop Success!!

Guys, I successfully did the inverted fishtail braid!

It took quite a bit of practice but I did it! This is what the second hair style looked like from the workshop

I watched tons of videos but I guess seeing it in person made the difference, oh and actually trying to do it! I think a lot of people try for a second and give up if they don't get it right away. This one you really need to stick with to see results! Also, Kate said a lot of people hold their hair too tight and stress their hands and arms which in turn will stress you out and make you not want to try anymore. So relax and keep trying! 

Part of why I was able to try this was because Chris and Kona were out of the house and I wanted cute hair for cleaning up the house! ;) I did have to drop it and start over at least once so don't give up! 

I think this video is good to try to learn with. All of Missy's Videos are clear and precise, plus she takes her time showing how to do the intricate parts. 

What kind of hair struggles do you guys have? 

Happy Friday Eve!

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