Thursday, July 16, 2015

Book Club: Wool by: Hugh Howey

Wool is the first of the Silo Series which takes place in a post-apocalyptic underground city, or Silo. I have to say right off the bat I didn't care for this book. It is self published, originally the book I read was 5 little novellas. Which I might have liked more, maybe? TONS of people really liked this book but I just can't force myself to read the next 2 books.

This book has a good premise if you like dystopian series but you don't even meet the main character for the first 100 pages! So don't get too attached to the first people you meet. I feel like a publisher would have slashed a good 200 pages from this book, then maybe I would like it. I feel bad writing a negative review since it seems like it would be so good but I was just slogging through it. Just walking up and down the stairs, floor 93, floor 67, floor 15 blah blah blah!! Getting into and out of suits, I feel like this went on for {P}AGES!

If you're interested here is a good review from WaPo.

Since I hate leaving things on a bad note, I'm adding a bonus post about a book I did like! :)

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