Thursday, July 16, 2015

Book Club: What Alice Forgot By Liane Moriarty

What Alice Forgot is one more Liane Moriarty book that I just love! It is about Alice who is 29 and expecting her first child with the love of her life Nick. Until she wakes up on the floor of a gym surrounded by strangers telling her she's actually 39, on the brink of divorce, with 3 kids and yes, wanted to come to the gym. Alice fell off her spin bike and lost the past 10 years of her life. She tries to piece her life back together and remember how she got here, she learns how she has changed over the years and how losing your memory might not be a bad thing.

Like all of Ms. Morarity's books the characters are well-rounded and real, she creates characters you care about and what they are going through. I was so struck by her relationships with people who she was close with 10 years ago and how they had changed, her sister, her neighbor and one friend who was no longer in her life but made the biggest impact on how her life was turning out. She made me think a lot about what has happened over the past 10 years of my own life and all the events that lead me to where I am. (Thankfully I am in a much happier place then Alice was!)

I loved how she would be so struck by something but not know why she was feeling the way she was. Like needing a coffee fix or being able to run when breaking a sweat was never a thought that would cross her mind before. It was like constant deja vu. Loved this book and will try to find more books by Ms. Moriarty because she just sucks me in every time!

So tell me, have you guys read What Alice Forgot or any other Liane Moriarty books? What should I read next? I wasn't able to go to book club this month so I need suggestions for something to read this month!

p.s. I kept seeing the old cover and would get so frustrated that I couldn't find a clear image, until I got the book and realized it's purposefully fuzzy! doh!

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  1. I loved What Alice Forgot. I admit I'm not the biggest Liane fan, where everyone else swoooooooooons over her books, but this one was really good. I too thought about relationships over the past ten years and how she and her sisters relationship developed. It was quite an intriguing book in my opinion.


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