Friday, July 31, 2015

Hey Friday, Hello Great White North

Woohoo!! This week dragged on and I didn't think I would make it but it's finally here!

1. Chris and I are headed to Ottawa for what is sure to be a gorgeous wedding for our friends Chris and Danae. I mean just look at these cuties!

2. Speaking of weddings this video is so cute and hilarious that I've been waiting to share it and this seems like perfect timing!

3. I went to Target and somehow only got three things! But going really renewed my longing for a cool backpack! Seriously can a sister find something cute and affordable?! speaking of which I found these guys and I resisted, for now...


4. Seeing all the fall fashions come out makes me so ready for fall even though I feel like I haven't been able to soak up summer! What am I kidding fall doesn't even hit us till November!

5. Since trying really hard to lose those like 12 pounds I gained since moving to NC I tried to find a health sweet to snack on and I made these Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chick Peas last night and they were awesome! It took a little over 30 minutes to make them and it was totally worth it and since cinnamon has so many good traits (and is a natural appetite suppressant) I actually didn't feel like I needed to eat a thousand of them! So good! Definitely try them this weekend!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, I may or my not have a post on Monday since I'll be traveling! Most likely a later post! ;) Have a great one! 


p.s. OMG y'all it's Harry Potter's Birthday!!

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Owning It

Linking up with Christina from The New Mrs for this months Owning It!

Sometimes I can't pull a good post together... 
I wrote one yesterday for Workout Wednesday and it just wasn't good. Occasionally I just can't get it together! Anyone else use My Fitness Pal?

Some stuff will probably stay packed until we move again in May. 
I hate it, but I own it.

Even though Chris and I were some of our first friends to get married we will be some of the last to have kids...
I love being able to throw showers and buy all the baby things for our friends, we're just not ready yet! We've got 6 babies on the way this year!!

Sometimes I just don't want to tidy up... 
I know it will just take a second but what I want to do now is lay on the couch and watch Netflix. Chris and I are finishing Orphan Black which is on BBC America and I'm obsessed!

I am obsessed with coffee...
I think about it all the time. I love the taste of just black coffee and I constantly want to just taste it, don't even need the caffeine most of the time I just like coffee! I love other coffee drinks but my first choice in the morning is black. 

Chris and I won't know where we're moving till probably November or later...
 We get asked all the time and sometimes you just need to embrace the chaos.

Let us know what you guys are owning up to! She does the linkup the last Thursday of the month!

P.s. Are you kidding me it's the last Thursday of the month already!?!?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Update

This is what our weekend was like...

On Friday we went to Friday's on the Front Porch with some friends and little Kona. We didn't stick around too long after a long workday Friday's can feel like several days smashed into one. We called it a night early made dinner at home and watched Big Hero 6. It was so cute and perfect for Mr. Chris and me.

On Saturday we ran around and did a lot of errands while being totally 90's. Chris' phone is being weird and probably needs a new SIM card so he was pretty much without a phone. I had to go to several stores while Chris had his phone looked at. Once he was done he had to look for me, finally just calling me from the Home Depot phone! So Seinfeld. We used our bogo Chipotle for a late lunch and went back to doing our boring chores. (Get them now, they expire on August 11!)

We went out with some friends from DC to Criterion and had an absolute blast with them. I really loved this bar, they had a lot of craft beer and very nice bourbon so it was right up our alley!

We had a low key Sunday and I'm ready for the week! Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Friday, July 24, 2015


I actually had a pretty good week with the braiding workshop and being able to get my life together. Plus planning for a couple trips and weddings, what's not to like?

1. We woke up like this, this morning...

Sometimes I'm glad he likes his dad more than me! ;)

2. I know, I know you guys are probably sick of hearing about it but I LOVED Kate's Workshop. I'm ready to try a few more new styles and hopeful share a tutorial of my own maybe?

3. I FINALLY learned how to respond to comments via email! It only took me five years to realize you guys don't get my reply's unless you come back here! So if you leave a comment you'll definitely be hearing from me! :)

4. Hells yeah Cool for the Summer video is out! I'm obsessed with Demi Lovato and her HAIR. I'm in love. 

5. I think we're going to meet up with some friends from DC this weekend who just moved down! I love that more of our friends are moving to the south! I need to make sure I'm all set for our trip next weekend but otherwise I'm ready for a weekend by the pool!

Hope you all have a great weekend planned too!


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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Braiding Workshop Success!!

Guys, I successfully did the inverted fishtail braid!

It took quite a bit of practice but I did it! This is what the second hair style looked like from the workshop

I watched tons of videos but I guess seeing it in person made the difference, oh and actually trying to do it! I think a lot of people try for a second and give up if they don't get it right away. This one you really need to stick with to see results! Also, Kate said a lot of people hold their hair too tight and stress their hands and arms which in turn will stress you out and make you not want to try anymore. So relax and keep trying! 

Part of why I was able to try this was because Chris and Kona were out of the house and I wanted cute hair for cleaning up the house! ;) I did have to drop it and start over at least once so don't give up! 

I think this video is good to try to learn with. All of Missy's Videos are clear and precise, plus she takes her time showing how to do the intricate parts. 

What kind of hair struggles do you guys have? 

Happy Friday Eve!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wishlist Wednesday: Hair Edition

I still coming down from my braiding high over here! We used several tools that I really enjoyed and I think would really help with not only braids but a ton of other hair styles as well. Here are a few things that I think really helped with the process. 

Also, I need an excuse to show off the amazing work Kate did! 

I never thought these would hold my hair but holy moly they totally do! Plus they are insanely affordable and you just toss them!

This is a holy grail to me anyway so it was no question to use this powder to create some texture and grit to hold onto those braids. Plus it smells amazing, lasts forever, and keeps the oil away. 

These seem so old school to me but they were awesome for keeping large pieces of hair away from the hair I was working with. 

Another holy grail, Parlor uses exclusively Bumble and bumble products so when I found out we could use whatever was out AND get a 15% discount I was sold! This adds volume and texture which is insanely helpful when creating almost any hair style. I learned to use this not only to finish as I usually did but to start with it as well to get in that extra product without being weighed down. 

Okay these bobby pins just killed it! They were amazing, usually a bobby pin will just slide out of my hair, these held on for dear life! Seriously, who knew there were great and not so great bobby pins!?

Hopefully I'll see if I can get a tutorial up for you guys because I can't keep all this great info to myself! Do you guys have any hair holy grails? Please let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Braiding Workshop with Kate from The Small Things Blog

Last night I had so much fun! Kate hosted a braiding workshop and I got to meet some local ladies and learn a couple new braids and techniques. She was hosting at Parlor in Raleigh which is so cute, if you ever need a blowout or styling I would definitely head there! The ladies were so nice and helpful, and legit, so cool, but not intimidating cool! ;) Also, Kate is so sweet and GORGEOUS in person, I knew she was pretty of course, but she is really stunning in person, it doesn't hurt that she's so warm and kind as well!

 Kate taught us four braiding styles. She started out with the simplest, a headband braid then taking it up to an almost crown braid with face framing braids. I got this one down pretty easily. Since we were short on time mine didn't end up looking as great as it would have if I wasn't taking it right back down. But I knew I could perfect it when I would want to show it off.

Next she went into a cool fishtail braid that was like a French braid. (mostly like this pin but fishtailed) I have tried this so many times and never got it, but this time I did! I even helped some of the other ladies there learn how to do it! I definitely still need some practice but now I know how it feels, I think I got it!

Then she did a twist on a braid I do a lot. She Dutch braided from one side and then the other, then with the two braids, twisted them into each other to result in one gorgeous braid. Since we were running short on time she went right into doing my hair, which of course ended up being my favorite!

Mine starts as a Dutch braid going around my head to the back and ending in one, two, or three French twists depending on if you want a pony tail or not. (Mine has three twists)

I loved the workshop, it was so fun, easy, and not intimidating. Everyone, even the other guests were super helpful and as an added bonus we all got 15% off our purchases including blow outs!

{OMG I'm such a goob}

Thank you so much Kate for hosting and teaching us all the great techniques for making our hair as beautiful as yours is!

Do you guys have trouble with braids? I might have to post some of my go-to braids and hairstyles if you guys are interested!

p.s. totes wearing my hair from last night to work today! ;)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Update

What a great weekend! Chris and I grabbed the same bus home on Friday, had a quick turn around packing and we were right off! We got home and had dinner at one of my favorite Thai places, Thai Orchid. We had our old favorites of coconut soup, red curry, seafood special plate and beef with green beans, I love how everything is so spicy!

On Saturday my sweet bestie came and got me for brunch at Earl's Grocery which was awesome! I had a steak and egg taco with a spicy jalapeƱo slaw, and I was seriously one of the best breakfast tacos ever! Can you tell I loooove spicy food? We then hung out with my sister while she worked, had a lot of girl talk and got to swing on her sweet new swing!

My mom wasn't feeling great so her and my dad gave their Sam Smith tickets to Noelle and Jeremy! We were sad mom wasn't feeling well but glad we got to go with people we loved! We ate at Vida Cantina in the Epicentre where I had even more tacos before walking over to the TWC Arena.

It was a really great concert and I knew a lot more Sam Smith songs than I thought I did! I also heard a couple new ones I really liked! We met up with some friends afterwards and finally took our pregnant mommy home to bed! My parents watched Jackson so he had a sleepover and we got to wake up to him singing.

Chris went to have lunch with the orthodontist he was interviewing with and my family and I went down to South Carolina to see my grandparents. Of course we had some awesome bbq before Chris picked me up for the second half of his interview.

We finally packed everything up and headed back to Chapel Hill! I love having those solid 2 hours to talk to Chris. Of course Chris and I talk everyday but when you're so contained you're able to really dive deep without any distractions. That's always one of my favorite parts of road trips! I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Friday, July 17, 2015


This week flew by for me! Thank goodness right!?

1. Chris and I are headed to Charlotte this weekend to see the fam and a potential partnership for Dr. Chris! Looking for jobs for him is much different than looking for jobs for me! While we're there my parents are taking us to see Sam Smith! We'll be having a soulful Saturday!

2. I know I have had this palette for a about a year and I still freaking love it! It has been going with me on all our little trips because it has everything I need, it's just flawless! I LOVE Tarte and need to see this guy in person before I purchase. I also want to try their new blush too!

3. Here are a few things that made me laugh out loud this week:

What Your Eyelashes Mean: Jenna has been hilarious since her first video (OMG 5 Years ago!)

Best Responses to Amazon Prime Day! I was standing at my bus stop just losing it over this post.

Being a Third Wheel in Pictures 

Okay also I love videos like this one

4. The Nordstrom Sale is now open to non-card holders! I'll probably be picking up a couple things I've had my eye on!

5. I'm pretty excited for Kate's braiding workshop on Monday! Will I see any of you there? I'll be one of her hair models! :)

Hope you all have a great weekend and HAPPY FRIDAY!

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Book Club: What Alice Forgot By Liane Moriarty

What Alice Forgot is one more Liane Moriarty book that I just love! It is about Alice who is 29 and expecting her first child with the love of her life Nick. Until she wakes up on the floor of a gym surrounded by strangers telling her she's actually 39, on the brink of divorce, with 3 kids and yes, wanted to come to the gym. Alice fell off her spin bike and lost the past 10 years of her life. She tries to piece her life back together and remember how she got here, she learns how she has changed over the years and how losing your memory might not be a bad thing.

Like all of Ms. Morarity's books the characters are well-rounded and real, she creates characters you care about and what they are going through. I was so struck by her relationships with people who she was close with 10 years ago and how they had changed, her sister, her neighbor and one friend who was no longer in her life but made the biggest impact on how her life was turning out. She made me think a lot about what has happened over the past 10 years of my own life and all the events that lead me to where I am. (Thankfully I am in a much happier place then Alice was!)

I loved how she would be so struck by something but not know why she was feeling the way she was. Like needing a coffee fix or being able to run when breaking a sweat was never a thought that would cross her mind before. It was like constant deja vu. Loved this book and will try to find more books by Ms. Moriarty because she just sucks me in every time!

So tell me, have you guys read What Alice Forgot or any other Liane Moriarty books? What should I read next? I wasn't able to go to book club this month so I need suggestions for something to read this month!

p.s. I kept seeing the old cover and would get so frustrated that I couldn't find a clear image, until I got the book and realized it's purposefully fuzzy! doh!

Book Club: Wool by: Hugh Howey

Wool is the first of the Silo Series which takes place in a post-apocalyptic underground city, or Silo. I have to say right off the bat I didn't care for this book. It is self published, originally the book I read was 5 little novellas. Which I might have liked more, maybe? TONS of people really liked this book but I just can't force myself to read the next 2 books.

This book has a good premise if you like dystopian series but you don't even meet the main character for the first 100 pages! So don't get too attached to the first people you meet. I feel like a publisher would have slashed a good 200 pages from this book, then maybe I would like it. I feel bad writing a negative review since it seems like it would be so good but I was just slogging through it. Just walking up and down the stairs, floor 93, floor 67, floor 15 blah blah blah!! Getting into and out of suits, I feel like this went on for {P}AGES!

If you're interested here is a good review from WaPo.

Since I hate leaving things on a bad note, I'm adding a bonus post about a book I did like! :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wishlist Wednesday

One of my wishes came true!! I finally got my passport!! I was starting to get really nervous since I had a whole issue with my birth certificate and picture. Which, just now realizing I didn't tell you guys! 

When I went to submit all my information for my passport I brought everything and had everything all filled out so they would just need to check it over and take my picture. I specifically went to an office that could take my picture so I wouldn't have to worry about it being wrong or anything. Well I got there and the camera had run out of film! So they told me there was a UPS across the street and I could get it taken there. I get there and their camera is broken too!! So I drive basically all the way back home to a UPS that can take my picture and bring it back to the office. 


A couple weeks later I get a letter from the passport office saying my birth certificate was not the right one! WHAT? This was literally given to me at birth, how is it not the right one?! Apparently Texas has different ones and I needed the passport one...So I hightail it to UPS again to get a 'new' birth certificate and send it in to the passport office. 3 weeks later and I finally have my passport! 

Of course I randomly found my old passport a few days ago and showed Chris the worst/best picture of a 12 year old Marisa. Not cute. 

Happy Hump Day!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

4 Years

Four years with this guy and I'm so happy to be spending so many more together! Chris has been just what the Lord planned for me. He pushes me, he takes care of me and Kona, he strives for greatness, he is gentle, he is fun, he lets me be as weird as I am and still only wants to be with me. I am so thankful for all the big and little actions that lead me to him and him to me. We have so many people that supported us and our relationship and I am so grateful they are in our lives.

There are so many times my heart wants to burst with pride for him, I love being Chris' wife. But I feel like we are more than husband and wife we are so much more than that! We're partners, conspirators, dreamers, and best friends. We may still be learning to be adults but it's a journey I don't think I could take with anyone else. A lot has changed in the past four years but my love for this guy only grows stronger and deeper.

Happy Bastille Day everyone! ;)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Update

What a great long weekend! Like I said on Friday I started my Friday just a little bit early by getting my hair done at Moshi Moshi. My girl Amber always knows just what I want, she always talks it out thoroughly beforehand and as we're going through the process. I don't know what I'll do once we move!
That's 6 inches gone! :)

That evening we celebrated our friends Jason and Ellen's move to Ohio by having a giant pool party. Even though it was sweltering hot we had a great time saying goodbye. It isn't so sad since we will see them in about a month for a wedding.

The next day we all went to Scottie's 2nd birthday party! Scottie is probably one of the sweetest little girls I have ever known. Chris had lot of fun blowing bubbles with her. After, we invited friends over to the pool since it was so hot and a perfect pool day. It was just perfect and we ended up extending long into the night and had to order some of the largest pizzas I've ever seen!

On Sunday Chris wanted to use his smoker so he got up early and picked up a pork butt and went to work smoking it. We whipped our house into shape, by finally unpacking some of the stray boxes and we were ready to party! We invited some of our neighbors and co-residents and enjoyed awesome BBQ, cole slaw, smoked corn, potato wedges, Mac and cheese, cucumber salad and cookies. We took a break before dessert to take all the dogs to the park for a little run and for us to walk off our big meal!

I definitely need one more day to my weekend but it was completely packed and filled with fun and friends. I hope you all had a great one too!

Friday, July 10, 2015


Seriously! It's been quite a rough week for me, thankfully I get to start mine a little early this week! :)

1. Finally getting my hair done! The problem with having a great hair stylist is that she's always booked! I'm way overdue for a trim!

2. Kona is feeling much better these days. We think he got stung about 6 or 7 times on Saturday on his nose, mouth and throat. After a lot of benadryl and rest he seems almost back to his normal self.

We always tease that he is our little kitty because he has little tiny paws and really looked like a kitty when we first got him. So he went fully kitty last night and jumped into our window and got stuck in our blinds!!

He's so pleased with himself!

3. It's the best sale of the year! I'm sure your blog feed is FILLED with things to buy from Nordys! I'm pretty excited to get a couple fall staples if I can get my hands on them!

4. This is a little sad but fun, our friends Jason and Ellen are officially moving away to Ohio and we're having a little party tonight. I think I'm bringing the best cookie ever and a watermelon cake!

5. We also have a little 2 year old birthday party this weekend. Hopefully she's excited to be a big sister! Also, I haven't announced it on the blog, mostly because she didn't announce it, but my sister is pregnant and having a little girl! 

Yep, that's her water skiing at 30 weeks! I guess we'll have to wait for the day of to find out if she's a gingy too! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June Favorites

{This was one of those drafts I was talking about!} 

Since we're already halfway though the year (can you believe it!?) I wanted to round up what I have been LOVING for the past month. I honestly cannot believe it is already July!

I have used this palette everyday I wear makeup! I does sometimes get a little powdery but it works great and it's so easy to have multiple steps in one palette. 

I got this in the Sephora Favorites Ultimate Hair Essentials set and I really loved how it made my hair look and feel so I went all out and got the full size version. It moisturizes without pulling my hair down and makes the blonde ombre so pretty and bright. 

This isn't my exact backpack, but I found this cooler backpack at Target and it has been essential for bringing drinks to the pool and apps to picnics. We've seriously used it so much so it's such a shame I can't find the cute version online! 

Another pool essential! Guys this stuff is addicting! I think it tastes like a waffle with syrup. I need to keep it away from me because it is just too good!

I used a lash serum before and really liked it. I bought this guy a while ago and used it but I have been using it more consistently and I've recently had friends ask me what mascara I'm using, if I'm using fiber mascara. Nope just this little guy! 

I've said it before and I'll say it again I love this dry shampoo! I love that I can be really precise for where I put it. I find with sprays my hair gets very dull and still feels dirty. With this it smells great, feels clean, isn't greasy plus now I have a little baby version I can keep in my purse!
I have mentioned before that I really like this oil, it moisturizes amazingly at night. I find my skin can get dry from using sunscreen so this is great after a day in the sun!

It's not just my face that can get dry, I use this lotion after being in the sun and heat and it smells so good and makes your skin so nice and moisturized! Even my dad used it this weekend! They have one that has a shimmer effect and I think that would be great to use after a day in the sun before you go out on a date night. 

Let me know what your summer essentials are in the comments! I'd love to know what you guys can't live without! 

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