Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Workout Wednesday: Arms

This week I want to work on my arms and I thought this kettlebell workout looked like it could get my whole body moving. I did well with my last workout but since I haven't run in so long my legs got pretty sore so I'd like to give them a rest.

{original pin here}

I think arms are something a lot of women are self-conscious about, me included. Always striving for that 'skinny arm' in pictures right? Please tell me I'm not the only one! 🙈

Is anyone following along or have their own goals for the summer? With writing this weekly I feel more responsible for my choices and more conscious of what I eat. I already feel better even if I don't have the immediate results I would want, but my self confidence is up, I feel better and I am ready to get back to the gym!

Do you guys have a workout plan you follow? What is your favorite hot weather workout? Let me know in the comments!

Good luck!

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