Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Update

What a great weekend! Even though I had a crazy, hectic, long long day on Friday it was amazing to hear that now all my friends can get married! I hope people are learning acceptance instead of staking their fear and hate. It was a great day for America! I celebrated with Heather Lee and a shared bottle of sangria at City Kitchen. We caught up and just relaxed after our very long days!

On Saturday since it was pretty rainy so we hit up the mall and watched Inside Out. That movie is so sweet! I loved the short before the movie, since Chris and I got married in Hawaii it resonated with me. The movie was so sweet, it really makes you think about how you feel and how complex those feelings are and the memories that make you who you are. Definitely recommend to all ages. But we both totally cried a couple times so be prepared!

Afterwards we met one of Heather Lee's friends from LA for a drink and dinner at Jose and Sons. I had a Drug Mule, which was their version of a Moscow Mule and fish tacos and they both were amazing! It was so cool to see friends from the west coast on the east coast even though now she works in Cleveland for the Browns! What a change we have all made in the past few years!

On Saturday we were blessed with gorgeous weather and spent the whole day at the pool. Chris came home from his bachelor party and joined us for a delicious dinner at Kipos. After we finished a delicious dinner Heather Lee went home and we got ourselves ready for the week ahead.

Hope you all had great weekends and a happy Monday!


  1. My husband is so into the moscow mules right now - I guess I really should try one!

    1. They are SO good! I can't believe he hasn't made you try one!


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