Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Update

What a weekend! I hope you all had great weather because we did and we tried to enjoy every minute we could stand of it!

On Friday Chris had a workshop in Greensboro and the bachelor party left from there to enjoy a weekend of hijinks! I got to come home a little early so I prepped our dinner before Noelle and Jackson came. We had a nice night of catching up, eating a bunch of food and staying up maybe a little too late.

On Saturday we went back to Joe Van Gogh for breakfast and they were really sweet and gave Jackson a cup of chocolate milk that jokingly said 'double espresso'. Jack was still wide awake so we went over to the park to work out some energy. It sapped Noelle and I pretty quickly since it was so hot and it worked on Jack too because him and Noelle took a nap pretty quickly after we got home. Then the party started! We packed up and went to the pool. My friend Jillian came over and we enjoyed some nice girly time at the pool. My friend Ellen came over for dinner to round out all the girls! We had such a fun night of catching up and being able to just be with the girls plus Jackson!

After some breakfast and Curious George we headed to the mall while Jack napped in his stroller. After lunch they headed back home and I tried to finish up cleaning the house before Chris got back. Chris caught me up on his wild weekend and we relaxed for the rest of the night with some leftovers and Game of Thrones.

Kona was thrilled his dad was back!

I am so exhausted I'm about ready for another weekend! Hope you all had a great one too! And a Happy Father's Day! I wish I could have been in Hawaii celebrating with my dad!


  1. Kona is too cute! Looks like a fun mix of activity and quiet this weekend!

    1. I love that little smile he had! He definitely needed a rest after being chased all weekend!


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