Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I'm Still Here!

Thanks for being so patient! We are officially moved in!! 

I have to say we left our old place a lot better than how we got it. I really want to vent but also I don't care enough to put it out in the universe. If you're moving to Chapel Hill let me know so I can tell you what landlord you should avoid! ;)

Chris and I are still super busy unpacking and filling this place with all our stuff! Oh boy how much stuff we have! I think we'll be going through it all again and making one more trip to Goodwill. 

{Reverse view}

{Reverse View}
{Master Bed}
 Chris Couldn't wait to start moving in!

{Guest Bed}
Of course we have bathrooms too but they aren't nearly as interesting! I keep wondering what we are going to do with that little nook in the Guest bedroom. Time will tell!

As usual I still want to get some more furniture pieces since our storage is a little different here but I'm overall excited to make this place our temporary home! 


  1. Enjoy settling in! One of my favorite memories from last summer was setting up our new home!

    1. Oh yeah girl, this list is ever growing for things I want to add into this house!


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