Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fish Tacos

As promised from here I am finally writing out the recipe for our fish tacos! These are so easy and of course you can change out or replace anything to make it your own.

Start with a fresh tortilla, Chris and I like these a lot since you fry them up yourself it makes them more tasty than other pre-made tortillas. If you have time, definitely make these because they are awesome!

Then you make your fish, I like to take the easy way and just buy any kind of lightly breaded fish and stick it in the oven.

While the fish is cooking make your pico. Just tomatoes, cilantro and white onion. Also make your ranch dressing, we like to make it with the packets because it tastes so much better but you can also make your own. You can also make some gauc to go on the side or corn salsa!

After the fish is done, assemble! I have a set rotation that I don't stray from: tortilla, fish, pico, broccoli slaw and topped with ranch.

This is so yummy and easy. I just love fish tacos!

Lightly breaded fish
Approx 1 cup diced tomatoes
Approx 1 cup chopped white onion
Approx 1/4 cup cilantro
Pre made broccoli slaw
Ranch dressing

Preheat oven as directed on fish, usually 450 and bake fish.
While the fish bakes chop tomatoes, onion and cilantro and combine to make your pico de gallo. Wash broccoli slaw. Once the fish is done assemble your taco and enjoy!

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