Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fathers Day Gift Guide

So guys are probably the hardest for me to buy for. Even the man I've known the longest is still hard to find presents for. I've come up with a little list of things I think the men and dads in my life would like. (No generic ties or tools here!) Hopefully this gives you some ideas for the dads in your life! And just FYI Chris is still just a dog dad! 

Chris and I are obsessed with our Freakers, it's always a sad day when we forget them. 

Chris has a couple flasks but I think a mongrammed one would be really nice.

A really nice watch can pull a mans outfit together and you can find them at many price ranges. 

The men in my life love a good drink and amaretto sours are a favorite. I've heard these cherries are the best. Also, this wine case is so cute. Add a couple of his and her bottles of wine and you've got a party!

Sunnies are great for anyone, my dad has some badass aviators and Chris loves his clubmasters.

It was just Chris' birthday last week and he hasn't stopped using his jaybirds. They are legit,  the best headphones I've tried, plus I love the bluetooth!

Chris and Jeremy have both been wanting GoPros and I think it would be really cool to wear them while they slolam and wakeboard with the harness

We love music on the go and I think this little speaker puts out great sound.

Chris loves this little flashlight, he's given it to multiple people. 

I love this portfolio, it's professional and just gorgeous! Plus the monogram adds a nice touch. 

Ron Swanson/Nick Offerman, just a man's man, even I want to read this!

A classic suit and a hybrid suit will be clutch for summers on the lake and in the pool. 

I really want a onesie so why not a boys too?

We love outdoor games and we'd love to add bocce to our mix.

There are a ton of options at Man Crates, I think my dad would really like this Caffeine Fiend Crate, Chris would love the Whiskey Connoisseur Crate, Jeremy would love the Everest Grill Crate and I think everyone needs the Road Warrior Crate. The satisfaction of opening it with the crowbar would fulfill many manly desires. You can find a crate that best fits your man here

To round out our summer gifts our men could all use a waterproof bag, wakeboard PFD, wake gloves and a travel bag. Can you tell I'm ready for another lake weekend? I want all this stuff for myself too!

As always a gift from the heart is always the best. My list incorporates things they like to do. Think about what your dad really likes and tailor a gift around that. There is always something to make them feel special and loved! 

Good Luck shopping for all those men in your lives! Don't forget Father's Day is Sunday, June 21! 

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