Thursday, June 11, 2015

Book Club: Orphan Train by: Christina Baker Kline

Orphan Train is a fantastic book about two orphans, one, Molly, from 2011 and the other, Vivian, from 1928. These two meet while Molly is serving community service after being caught trying to steal a book from her local library. She goes to serve community service for Vivian, who is now about 90 years old clean out her attic. As they clean Molly learns more than she would have thought.

Molly is 17 and is still trying to find herself which is hard when you move around in foster care several times a year with foster parents that are mean, sometimes abusive and have little empathy for her situation. She finds herself becoming more of herself as she learns more about Vivan's life going through her trunks that hold her lifetime of turbulence and how she got to be here.

Vivian came to America when she was 7 years old from Ireland. Shortly after her arrival in New York her family's apartment catches fire and she is the lone survivor. She is sent on an orphan train across the country by The Children's Aid Society to see if there is someone out there who is willing to adopt her. She goes through several families and finally settles in Minnesota with a kind family where she stays until she is about 19. Her life takes quite a turn and the book just gets better from there! 

I really loved this book, it will definitely touch your heart. I loved the little bits of history that were sprinkled in there. Orphan trains were a real thing and it's mind boggling to think where some of those children started and where they ended up. 

I actually almost bought this book when I bought Girl on the Train but the story about the young girl threw me off. I'm so glad it came up through book club because I really loved it and it has turned me on to maybe buy a couple more books about that time period. 

Do you guys have a specific time period you like to read about? Or do you go through phases of reading one certain thing and then move on to something else? One of the girl in my book club pretty much goes purely on what Amazon suggests to her so we'll get a lot of one subject for a couple months and then we slowly get to another subject as Amazon learn her tastes! 

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