Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Update

Just wanted to throw an FYI out there that posting may be a bit piecemeal for the next few weeks since I will be packing to move to our new place!! I am slowly but steadily getting boxes together for the big move and I'm starting to get really excited but also a little sad since we made this little apartment our place. The girl who used to live in our apartment stopped by to pick up some packages and she was shocked at how different it looked and how much she liked the changes! It was a lot of work but we made it ours! 

We've made some minor changes as you can see here. But looking at them we've made more since then! It's looks so different without our Bison! 

My mom came to help me this weekend and we got a TON of work done! It's a little sad to see it all being taken down! We went out to City Kitchen on Friday and we had so much fun sitting out on the patio enjoying the Spring Sangria and catching up. We got to work on Saturday packing and finding more supplies. After a long day we enjoyed getting ready and going out to Bida Manda where we enjoyed a delicious dinner. We packed and packed and packed on Sunday and were rightfully exhausted!

I hope you all had a great weekend and got to enjoy the beautiful weather because I only saw it from inside! :(


  1. Yay for your move!! Good luck with the packing - I absolutely LOVE your polka dot wall -- I hope you'll be recreating that in the new place!!

    1. There is a possibility they will be coming back! I mean they made it form Baltimore so this may be a trend for us! Hopefully they will only be for decoration and not hiding the many holes in the wall! ;)


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