Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Update

Kony and I had a pretty packed weekend! On Friday I ran around trying to pick up the things my family forgot on their way to the lake. I also dropped off some cookies at our friends Jason and Ellen's house before Jason left to start at his new practice! We had a little celebration for Louie since it would have been his first birthday too. 

Afterwards I went out and celebrated with my friend Alex and some of our sorority sisters for her graduation from dental school! It was really great to catch up with these girls after so long! Even though we tried to call it a night early since most of us had early Saturday plans we still didn't get home till way past a normal bedtime. 

I got up as early as I could and headed up to the lake to celebrate mothers day! Kony was great in the car with just me, but he loves the car so it was no surprise. We got there safety, I did a little sunning since I was still pretty tired from the night before. I gave mom her present - which was actually a joint Mothers and Fathers Day present. My parents are going back to Kauai for what feels like the millionth time this summer, I'm so envious! So Chris and I gave them a gift certificate to The Beach House where Chris and I got married. They loved it! 

Kona and I went out on the SUPs and he did so well! That night we enjoyed some tacos and cookies, Jackson got some ideas from us and partook in an empty Coronita. So funny! I called it a night early because I was still SO so tired!

On Sunday we headed out on the lake but the sun wasn't really cooperating but that didn't stop us as long as there was no thunder or lightening. I finally got up on a slalom and rode for quite a while! Hopefully it will all come back to me quicker next time! We had a lot of fun but finally we had to pack it up and head home. Kony and I got home just in time to miss the storms but came home to a rainbow! We were both still pretty tired from our fun weekend so we headed to bed so we could start our week on the right foot!

Hope you all had a great weekend too and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. It looks like such a fun and full weekend! Oh my gosh, the puppy's little life jacket is the cutest - we've been meaning to get one for our pup and this just reminded me!

    1. Hahaha Kona fell in once and I think was a little traumatized so he always has his PFD! It's linked in his name above but we got him the Outward Hound one and he seems much more comfortable now!

  2. That life vest for your sweet pup is adorable! Glad you guys had such a fun and enjoyable weekend!

    1. Hahaha it makes him look so sporty! Those tiny paws are not made for swimming!


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