Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Five

It's MAY AND it's FRIDAY!! Can't get better than that! 

1. It's Graduation day!! It's always bittersweet around graduation since people are leaving and especially sad for us since we lost Louie on Wednesday. We found out that he had spontaneous pneumothorax and they saw 2 large bulla on his lungs; basically his lungs collapsed. Prayers for our friends Jason and Ellen as he graduates and they mourn the loss of their sweet puppy!

2. I keep seeing A Common Names Urban Geode Street Art pop up on so many outlets, Instagram, tumblr, and my bloglovin' I think it is so cool and you should definitely check it out!


3. We have a Derby party to go to this weekend an I'm so excited! I still haven't landed on what exactly I'll wear but I have plenty of options for dresses and hats! 

4. I just have to do another gif of Kona spazing out since I've had to get extra snuggles from him!

Hahaha!! I might be the only one that thinks that's funny but I love it, plus Chris is in a constant nose scratch back there!

5. Today is the LAST DAY to get 20% off the TAG NECKLACE (use code HAPPYMOM at check out) from my sister's store. These are one sided only, which I didn't know so I thought I would let you know! Jewelry making is TOUGH! 

Hope you have a great weekend and Happy Derby!!

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  1. I am really wanting one of the gold bar necklaces that have the roman numeral date on it. :) Hoping my hubby remembers that!

    1. A gold plated one would run about $105 one-sided; and depending on length of the chain and bar the real gold would be about $365. She does email reminders if someone needs a hint! ;)


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