Thursday, May 7, 2015


So far I've seen this post make the rounds on The New Mrs.; Champagne and SuburbsHello! Happiness; and B Loved Boston. I've loved getting to know these ladies better through these posts so I thought I would give it a go!

{Four Nicknames}
1. Moonz, got this guy in high school and stuck with mostly my guy friends from college
2. Misky, Noelle hated my name when I was born mostly because it wasn't Starry or Hearty so she dubbed me as Misky
3. Kitteh, Chris and I watched a kitty right before we were married and it was hilarious somehow this name stuck to both of us, you'll hear kitteh in our snapchats
4. Marcy, two of my best friends have come up with this separately, not really a huge fan of this one but you know

{Four Movies I've Watched More Than Once}
1. A River Runs Through It - my dad loves to fly fish and this movie always reminds me of him
2. Amelie - a feel good movie I have to pay attention to because I don't speak French!
3. Shawshank Redemption - just a great movie
4. The Sound of Music - I legit wanted to be a nun as a kid because of this movie and Sister Act!

{Four Books I Would Recommend}

{Four Things In My Purse {besides the obvious}}
1. Make up bag, you want to know what all is in this bag of tricks?
2. Agenda
3. Dry Shampoo
4. Kashi Bar

{Four Favorite Places to Shop}
1. Nordstrom, that's no secret if you've been reading here for a while!
2. My not so secret shame of Forever 21 - online only!

{Four {most recent} Places I've Lived}
1. Chapel Hill, NC
2. Baltimore, MD
4. Wilmington, NC

{Four {most recent} Places I've Visited}
4. Kauai, HI

{Four Ultimate Favorite Foods}
1. Tacos, literally I could eat a taco a day
2. Pizza, when we visited Rome I ate pizza everyday!
3. Fruit, I could live off of fruit
4. Chocolate, if there is a chocolate dessert on the menu that's usually what I'll get!

{Four Favorite Drinks}
1. Water, I drink close to a gallon a day!
2. Black Coffee, at least one cup every morning
3. Diet Coke, I used to be so addicted but now I'll have one maybe once or twice a month
4. Champagne, because it's always a celebration!

{Four Places On My Travel Bucket List}
1. Greece, I wanted to go when I graduated high school but it was too hot and expensive to go! :(
2. Australia, I mean who doesn't want to visit Australia!?
3. London, I've had several friends live there and it just seems so cool!
4. Dubai, because why not?

{Four Things I Don't Eat}
1. Almost anything most people enjoyed as kids, I tried Spaghettios a couple months ago and came really close to spitting it out
2. Sweet pickles, I LOVE dill pickles but sweet pickles just aren't my thing
3. Succotash, I've tried it several times and I just don't like it
4. I honestly can't think of a fourth! Coming up with three was hard!!

{Four TV Shows I Watch}
1. Orphan Black
2. Game of Thrones
3. Orange is the New Black
4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

{Four Things to Look Forward to In 2015}
1. Our move! We're moving to a new place at the end of May!
2. Welcoming a couple babies - none are mine but I'm so excited for our friends, one was born last Tuesday and one this Tuesday!!!
3. Traveling for several weddings!! Had to renew my passport for one! ;)
4. OMG celebrating year five of writing this blog! How embarrassing those early posts are! 


  1. Okay - Charleston, Los Angeles AND in Hawaii you lived, I am SO jealous!! But I'm obsessed with diet coke too. And dry shampoo :)

    1. Hahaha those are my recent visits! Chris and I actually got married in Hawaii so people think I'm Hawaiian - I wish!

  2. Found you through a link up.I love the Sound of Music and Shawshank Redemption. And I love shopping at Forever 21, despite the fact that I haven't been 21 in 3 years....and I'm with you on the pizza and chocolate. Gosh, I feel like we have so much in common ha.

    Liz → sundays with sophie

    1. Oh girl I am far beyond 21 but it keeps pulling me back in! thanks for stopping by!


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