Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April Purchase History

I've tried to hold out on certain purchases since January but I loved one thing from my last order I couldn't let other colors get away! These are so not exciting but these open cardigans are really comfy and beyond normal quality for Forever 21. 

I am in love with this jacket! It's super comfy and just warm enough for a chilly summer night. 

I got this tank for me as a beach cover up because I thought it was so cute and it turned out REALLY cute! I don't know if any guy I know would ever wear it but it is adorable as a beach cover-up!

Like I said before these cardigans are insanely comfy and are beyond the quality you would normally find at Forever 21. I got all three colors because it's so nice to throw on something so soft in the evenings. 

So I mainly got this guy because I knew I wouldn't get one from the Lilly for Target collection! I rarely wash my hair over the weekends and this wrap really hides all manner of hair foes and woes!

Since I had the derby party I was thinking about getting a new hat in the mix and really loved this one. At first I was nervous when I got it because it was pretty smashed in the box but it popped right into shape and I'm excited to get to wear it in the warm weather! I'm also excited that it won't get ruined if it get a little smashed!

So tell me, did you guys find any great deals in April? I can tell you since we have Mother's Day and Chris' Birthday I've already got the wheels in motion for some good purchases in May!


  1. I love love that headband!! Perfect for summer as well as the beach!

    1. I know right? Plus you can't beat the price tag!


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