Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wish List Wednesday: Forever 21

Yeah this is like my kryptonite. I can't help but look at those ridiculous manikins in the window and incessantly find cheap clothes on the site, which is a thousand times easier than actually going in the store! I was inspired by Molly at Almost Makes Perfect to admit my addiction and show you a couple things that I have bought recently and loved and some things that are hanging out in my shopping cart lurking and waiting ever so patiently for me to finally decide the just buy!

First off with what I have actually bought in the past month:

These shoes are actually really cute and comfy and so far seem to be well made!
The Flower Crown is for a party I have coming up and it seems to be well made too, a lot of flowers and the band is of a high quality as well.
Finally this cardigan, yeah it's super plain but it is so soft and comfy and honestly, I could see myself paying twice as much for one not as nice looking or soft. 

These guys are all chillin on my waiting list!

Is there anything you guys are looking at Forever 21 for? What store can you just not let go of? Let me know in the comments!


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