Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Update

What a doozy! Chris and I started out at Fridays on the Front Porch with some friends where I also ran into a friend I used to work with in DC! Small world right? We called it a night early since we had to get up early to get down to Wilmington in the morning. Unfortunately it was rainy so Chris and Kona had to spend the day at the park while I had lunch with some sorority sisters. I learned one of the girls sisters, Ashleigh Stumler is hiking part of Mt. Everest and was set to come home on Tuesday but is stuck because of the earthquake. She's had a hard time there already, her luggage didn't get there until three days after she arrived, she was robbed from her tent, it was her birthday on Friday and then the earthquake hit! If you want to help with the cause here are a few organizations you can donate to: Doctors without Borders: Providing ground teams, both medical and otherwise, as well as 3,000 non-food kits and medical supplies; MAP International: already sending a shipment of medical equipment is already on its way providing 10,000 people with medical aid for 90 days; Save the Children: created a Nepal Children's Relief Fund that can be found on their front page. 

We came back home for another party for the graduates! I can't believe they graduate next week!! We enjoyed some great food and company and plenty of kids. Chris and I were so exhausted we called it a night early. We started Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and it is so cute and funny! It's very silly but I thought it was ridiculously funny and I'm bummed we have to wait for the second season. 

On Sunday I got all kinds of chores done and we picked up some boxes so we can start packing, one month and then we're out! We had another party with Chris' lab and man are we not ready for kids at this point, we have been around so many kids lately we are really grateful for the quite and just hanging around with this little guy:

We have a less filled week but more eventful! Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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