Thursday, April 9, 2015

March Purchase History: Beauty Buys

Sorry this is so late Chris and I were triple booked last night and went to bed as soon as we got home! Although it was pretty restless, the thunder and lightning was so bad we had to pull out our blackout curtains! 

So I know I told you I put myself on a spending ban but since I was doing several girls hair for their formal I legitimately needed to buy a couple things from Ulta. I tried to keep it down to things I actually needed or was running out of so here it goes!

I pulled out my seche vite a few weeks ago and both bottles were completely solid! It was pretty hilarious! I had heard this Sally Hansen one was good so I thought I would try it out, plus it was on sale! I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I'll let you know! 
I was completely out of brow gel and my brows can get a little cray when not properly tamed! I also have been really wanting to try some other tinted brow gels, still have my eye on L'Oreals and Tarte's.  But I thought I would give a drugstore one a shot first! 
Of course I needed more hairspray, man, my girl Carson has a TON of hair!
Finally I was nearing the end of my samples of bronzers and have had my eye on this guy for a while, of course not a week later does Ulta pull out the Little Black Book of Bronzers! I had actually gotten so desperate I combined the dregs of two samples, NARS Laguna and Too Faced Milk Chocolate to make one to last! (Do you guys know how to do that? It's super easy!)

So far so good on everything I've tried, I'm still REALLY holding back on make up buys but hopefully it will get easier!

Happy almost Friday!

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