Friday, April 24, 2015

Finally Friday!!

I feel like this week just went on forever!!!

1. I learned how to gif! Kind of. Enjoy this gif of baby Kona harassing my parents dog Jack...

I totally forgot how little he was! Here's the story of Kondog if you want to know!

2. Seriously, a packed week and a packed weekend! Chris and I are running down to Wilmington for a couple hours for a party then turning around and coming back to Chapel Hill for another party and then another on Sunday! We sleep when we're dead!

3. Last night Chris and I went to the Basketball Awards Banquet and Senior Dinner for Duke and it was really fun! We got to hear Coach K speak about his team and it was really sweet to see them interact like a family. I also really liked hearing Quinn Cook and Sean Kelly talk about their time on the team. 

4. I got my bridesmaid dress for my very sweet friend Hannah's wedding, now I just need to get it altered. Oh yeah and try it on! I've had it for a couple days and haven't had time to even get it out of the box! I'm excited to have enough time to open a box! haha! I'm sure our mailperson hates me because I don't remember the last time I checked the mail! April, you're killing me!

5. My sweet sister who is also a mom has a 20% off promotion for her tag necklace this week with the code HAPPYMOM! You can check out her website here and facebook here!

I hope you all have a restful and fun weekend so come on weekend let's GO GO GO!!!!

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