Thursday, April 23, 2015


I mentioned in this post that at one point I didn't have but a little tiny bit left of a couple bronzers and used what was left to make another pretty good sample size bronzer to use while I waited for a new one. I asked if you guys knew how to revamp your pressed powder items and I thought I would share with you guys that you can fix any cracked pressed powder. 

I started out with this blush, it's Pinched from NYX and I really like it but I've hit pan and I don't want to mess up my brush. So with the end of my tweezers I crushed up the remains of my blush and then added a good amount of 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. It needs to be enough that it will cover all of the bits. I then crushed the bits a little more until they were well incorporated. I then let it sit out for about a day to dry out. 

Finally after a day or so I came back to a solid blush! 

Have any of you guys done this before? It's so easy and will save your pressed powders!

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