Thursday, April 16, 2015

Book Club: Wife 22 by Melanie Gideon

I was intrigued to pick up Wife 22 from my book club because it was described as a cute book where a wife fills out a survey about marriage and learns more about her own life and marriage while answering questions. (which are in the back of the book!)

Alice has been married to her husband, William for about 20 years and they are at an impasse. William has just been laid off and Alice is trying to figure out her marriage through this survey. They also have two teenage children also trying to find themselves while Alice is trying to find out if one is gay and if the other has an eating disorder. While answering the questions she befriends her anonymous surveyor and tries to keep herself from flirting with him while also telling him her marriage issues.

I kind of felt like this book read like Bridget Jones' Diary. She was a little sad and was in need of some serious help, she has great, hilarious friends who tell her as it is and pity her downfalls. I found it a little predictable and too easy of a read. I got annoyed with her inability to function without checking her phone all the time. I try to not use my phone too much, especially when I'm with other people but her constant checking got on my nerves. Everything was a little too obvious to me, where I can understand why someone might drop this book at page 50 and still know what happen in the end. It was very sweet, I'll give it that, verging on saccharine. Worth finishing but maybe not totally worth picking up.

Sorry to start your Thursday on such a lame note but I have already finished another book and had to let you know about this kind of bummer book. I mean it is really light so if you want something so easy to read by the pool this could be the book for you, but since it was rainy and this was all I was paying attention to it just didn't hold up for me.

Have you read Wife 22? Let me know what you thought!

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