Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Update

This weekend was a doozy! I did some girls' hair as I mentioned here for their formal. Then Chris and I chaperoned the formal at the Fearrington Inn. It was really beautiful and we had fun while also trying our best to keep everyone well behaved and of course eating the delicious food! Seriously, if you're in the area make a trip out there because The Granery is awesome! As I'm sure the other places are delicious too!

We ended up watching the Duke v Utah Game on Chris' phone in the car afterwards! After that we were so exhausted we went straight to bed! 

On Saturday it was so cold that it was mostly an indoor day. We went over to see our place and put in some more paperwork. Then Chris got to work on studying for his boards and I got to work cleaning out my closet. I now have a big trash bag of stuff for my mom and sister to sift through before I donate it. 

It kind of felt like Saturday didn't even happen for us it was just that kind of day! On Sunday it was still pretty cold but it was our friend Hugh's birthday so I made Banana Pudding - probably the most North Carolina thing to bring to a BBQ. Most people there had never had it! (Most of them were in Chris' program too and all from out of state.)  Luckily they all loved it! And luckily they let us watch Duke beat Gonzaga! 

Also! Hugh makes a tumblr that has turned into several books and we were talking about it and I said it would be hard to put in contacts and he drew one right on the spot! Pretty cool right?

Anyway we stayed way too late for a Sunday and went to bed way too late and I'm ready for my nap!

Hope you had a great weekend!


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