Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Update

This weekend was super low key but also awesome. On Friday Chris and I had one of his co-residents over and we all watched The Lego Movie which was adorable. The boys wouldn't stop talking about it and singing Everything is Awesome for the rest of the weekend.

Chris went to Cars and Coffee on Saturday morning and we made a great breakfast when he got back. Seriously, Costco has an amazing think cut bacon that has been rocking our world. That night we went to the Duke Syracuse game and had a blast. Then we went straight to Carrboro to meet some friends at Glass Half Full and split a bottle of Talley wine, a vineyard Chris and I visited last spring break in California. Of course we shut it down because they close at ten so we went next door to Steel String Brewery which closes at midnight. This pretty much cemented that we can't live in Carrboro but that won't stop us from going to Beerfest on March 29th! 

Thank goodness Duke has stepped up their defense! I got so frustrated watching there first games! 

On Sunday Chris and I looked for more places to live and generally took it easy, and made a bunch of fires since we don't want to move our firewood! 

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


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