Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Week Update

It was quite a busy week for Chris and I! The night Chris and I drove to Charlotte we also drove to work because the buses had stopped running due to ice. (There was no ice.) So we also had to drive the three miles home, which took us one HOUR! We found out during this trip my sweet Granny in Texas had a heart attack the night before and my dad was going to rush to Texas the next morning and wouldn't come back until Wednesday. We finally made it to Charlotte several hours later than we hoped but we made it.

Chris was volunteering at a MOM clinic the next day in Salisbury and dad went to the airport. Our house was up and about at 5am! I went running several times and realized my running route was about a mile shorter than I initially thought! I thought it was about a 5K for YEARS! Oh well, I'll make up those miles some day.

We also went out probably more than I have been out ever. Honestly, this write up is more for my memory and possibly food recommendations in Charlotte than anything else. If that doesn't interest you I'll see you tomorrow!

While Chris was at his clinic my mom made me breakfast then we headed out to find her some dress options for her trip to Atlanta. We found her several really flattering dresses after looking for several hours and her trying on at least 50 dresses. Then we met up with Chris later at Thai Orchid. I love this place and I stuffed myself to the brim with delicious food and our favorite dessert, mango and sweet rice. Chris and I ran around trying to find a place to watch the UNC v Duke game and finally settled at Hickory Tavern. What a great game to watch, I was sad we didn't get to watch it at ESPN with Heather Lee, but I was happy Duke won!

On Sunday I met up with Heather Lee and our friend Dana from Lake Braddock at Tupelo Honey which was awesome, if you can get in I HIGHLY recommend. We ate with some of her friends from ESPN and I ran into a couple friends from college too! Seriously, I'm not a big biscuit fan but theirs was seriously awesome! I met up with my mom at the outlets for more dress shopping. I found a present for Chris' mom and a couple little presents for Jackson too. It was a week of birthdays over there! We finished the night by making fish tacos for mom for being such a great hostess.
Monday I met Heather Lee and Dana at Cowfish had some great sushi then met my mom at Marshall's, found some dresses for Noelle this time and headed out to watch Jackson while his mom got her make up done by Lindsey Thorne's beauty team! Chris and I rode our boards up and down the street while Jackson was on his bike. I also 'did his make up'. Just kidding! Have you guys seen the L'Oreal make up app? It's hilarious! Then we met up with Chris' parents for dinner at Firebirds.
Tuesday I made a big breakfast for me and mom while Chris visited an office.  Leter, we met up with Heather Lee at NODA Brewing and had delicious food truck BBQ and walked over to Amelies, Heather Lee hadn't been there yet!
Wednesday was Chris' mom's Birthday and I took her out to Le Peep for brunch and talked and talked. I always forget that we have a really good time together without Chris! ;) Chris and I tried to wear Jackson out a bit and relieve his mom, we also got him his present! Then we met up for another Birthday dinner at Village Tavern, I haven't been there pretty much since we moved there 11 years ago and I forgot how good it was!

Thursday I met up with my friend Erin at Berrybrook Farms and we later found out that day she got into NC States Creative Writing Masters Program!! Which means I'll get to see her more next year!! Chris and I went on a long walk with Kona and rode our boards around the neighborhoods before treating Noelle and Jeremy and Jackson to New Zealand Cafe sushi for Jeremy's Birthday. I love how much little Jackson loves sushi, it's pretty hilarious!
On Friday we played outside some more, took Kona to the dog park and rode around with the top down, we ended the day with both sets of parents at the Gibson's and it was a blast listening to our parents talk. They are all from Texas and know a ton of the same places. I'd love to find out if there was some overlap in their times there.

We ended our week extravaganza with brunch for Jackson's 2nd birthday at Noelle's house. It was all delicious and the little boy seemed to have a great time with all of his girlfriends.
Chris and I are still detoxing from so much food we were so spoiled but we can't wait to go back home!

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