Thursday, March 5, 2015

That time I saved someone from saving an owl...

I had planned a different post for today but the events of last night were just too much to not write about! 

I had a meeting near The Streets at Southpoint last night and as I was wrapping up I realized I had 2 missed calls from Chris and a text saying to call him, it was important. Well my sister in law was stuck in the mud! Of course I had the Jeep so I hurried home! I actually passed her on the way to pick up Chris but there was too much traffic to stop. 

What happened was she was driving home and an owl swooped out in front of her and hit her car! She stopped to call animal control to see what she should do, they told her if she could, safely drag it to the side of the road and they would pick it up. Well this is a little 2 lane road and by the time she got to it, well, you can imagine. :( She goes back to her car and tries to back out only to realized she's sinking in the newly melted snow mud! She called Chris and he called me and the wheels were in motion! Thankfully, as a young college student I asked for a car safety kit. This thing came with everything, and I think I have used everything in to except for the safety sparklers! Everyone totally made fun of me for wanting it but man it has come in handy!

So we pulled off to the side, turned on Chris' new light bar and got to work! She has a Volvo, the same one we used to have so we knew a little bit about how they work. We pulled her tow pin out and slowly, slowly inched her out of the mud! 

The interesting thing was, no one stopped to help her until we had her almost all the way out! I always thought people would stop to help but on a 2 lane road like the one we were one it would 1. Be scary for her to believe in the kindness of strangers and 2. Possibly scary for other to want to give help! She was on her way! It was like Christmas for Chris to get to use his light bar, use the tow pin, use the tow rope, and just get to be manly in general. It was actually kind of fun! 

Stay safe out there!


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