Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Yesterday we signed the papers for our place next year! Dr. Chris and I are so excited to be living in such a cute community next year. We might have had a little dance party for several hours. We talked it over a lot, and talked to our friends who might be more excited than we are, hopefully that means we'll have some helping hands come move in day. ;)

This is what the places look like, this one isn't ours but they are all pretty similar. We are so excited! New appliances, more space, a dog park, we do have to buy our own washer and dryer but at least we'll have one that we don't have to run twice! I'm ready to start packing now!

We will miss our sweet neighbors and pop-ins from our friends that live close by but hopefully they will just want to come over more since this place is about 1,000x better than our current tree house, mushroom house, camp cabin...we could go on and on with what people call Finley!

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