Monday, March 23, 2015

Moving On

Guys, moving is hard! But fun. I'm moving desks at work too! I used to move all the time at my old job, physically, and desk wise, I was quite the nomad, working out of which ever office I could get to. I still sometimes miss it, even the 2+ hour commute! I knew those bus/metro/train schedules like the back of my hand!

It's hard to compare cities, especially when it comes to real estate. Our old place in Baltimore was great but it was really expensive. But it was so cute and well maintained even at 100+ years old! I looked at an ancient Maryland census and found that our house was built in 1900. Our place now was built in 1984 and lived in by many many college students, and it shows - I don't think anything has been updated since then.

Looking for places here has had it's ups and downs. There are some really nice places around but the prices are ridiculous. I think they do that to deter the undergrads. We think we have landed on where we want to go but it is so hard weighing the pros and cons of each area. In a way I wish we could stay where we are because it bodes well for entertaining as much as we love to already. Hopefully wherever we go we will have plenty of visitors! 

We looked at this place, it was definitely my favorite. I legit think it would be so cool to live here but it's too far from a bus stop for us and too far to walk but I think it would be so cool and such an adventure!

It's like a mini Epcot! So tell me, do you live in Chapel Hill? Did you before? Where? Why did you like it? Should we move to the dodecahedron? Let me know!


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