Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Book Club: Lizz Free or Die By: Lizz Winstead plus bonus!

I'm stalling again! Last week I finished Lizz Free or Die.  I wasn't sure if I would like this book since I don't have cable and therefore don't regularly watch The Daily Show, however I sometimes seek it out online, and didn't know who Lizz Winstead was. I was in for such a surprise. This book was funny, poignant, sarcastic and heartwarming all at once. I am kind of a sucker for comedy origin stories though.

This book chronicles her life before during and after The Daily Show. She writes about her life growing up and the hard road she had to take to finally get the job she never knew she wanted and was working towards. It's pretty amazing to see the people she met along the way and therefore a little insight into their stories as well.

I definitely laughed out loud which I think is a feat in writing. There was a whole chapter I just couldn't hold myself together. I can't explain it, I even forced Chris to read the chapter because it wasn't even just one part it was the whole chapter I couldn't get over!

I think this would make a fantastic beach read, very easy and funny, just the right amount of funny and sweet and a teeny tiny bit of sad, but Lizz brings you right back to funny within the sadness.

I don't think you really need to know who she is before you read it, but that might change how you feel about her. From an outside source I thought it was funny and I would definitely pass this along to a friend.

Oh man, we also listened to Dad is Fat! It was a pretty quick listen, at 5 and a half hours it got us to and to and from Charlotte with enough room for a podcast in there.  If you like Jim Gaffigan, and who doesn't? You'll like Dad is Fat! It was hilarious! I am seriously biased on this one because I love Jim Gaffigan but I laughed a ton and it was so entertaining. It's just about him and his wife and kids lives navigating New York City and his tour life with five kids. Hilarity ensues.

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