Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Update

I guess this will kind of be a week updates as well. Chris and I got a day off school and work because our roads were so bad. Our parking lot was pretty much and ice rink, I tried to have Kona drag me around but he couldn't get enough traction either. So after a tiring walk I tortured him a little with my head band...

Clearly he loved it. But I think he did like having us home for a day! 

We also found out this week that our landlord wants to raise our rent, we couldn't come to an agreement so we're moving out! Posts may be a little in and out until June, hopefully I'll be able to stay the course but I get so distracted by trying to find a new place it has taken me forever to write this little post! If you know of any places in Chapel Hill or the surrounding area I'd love to see them!

Our friends finally got their bear mount. Our friend James shot a bear while out hunting what feels like at least 6 months ago and he brought it home this weekend. After the initial shock that it might come to life his wife Jillian and I had to take a selfie! That thing is intimidating!

Later that night we made our way to Raleigh for an old fashioned cocktail off! We tried about 12 samples of cocktails and plenty of hors-d'oeuvre. I won overall cocktail with my sparkling amaretto sour, the strawberry shot in a strawberry won most creative and the black lily won for worst cocktail. And all the winners were losers after we were iced...

Clearly I was not meant to chug.  Luckily, we were very smart and took breaks and ate a lot so there were no hangovers here! On Sunday we dedicated our time to looking for places to live and being awesomely lazy. 

I hope you all had a great weekend and have an amazing week!

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