Friday, February 13, 2015

Thank goodness...'s Friday. This week has been a rough one. 

1. I'd like to remember my neighbors as how they lived and not how they died. I wish I could forget the hatred in the world and whatever caused our neighbor to inflict so much pain on them and their families, and extinguish three lights that were just beginning to shine so brightly. 

2. I wish the news would stop sensationalizing and twisting this story. I wish they would get out of our backyard, I wish they would stop trying to interview us when we walk our dog and go to work and school and use that time and resource to educate people. Use that energy to spread love and educate people that we are just that. People. We are all running the same race and it's not our place to end someones before they have finished running it. 

3. I got this card in church a few weeks ago and I've been looking at it all week wishing I could have been a better neighbor to them, gotten to know them. 

4. I'm grateful for all the texts and calls we got that night from friends and family making sure we were okay. Honestly I keep going from shock to crying. I can't believe this happened steps from our house. 

5. I seriously can't stop thinking about them. How Deah and Yusor only got to be married for barely 2 months. How Razan had an amazing artistic future in front of her. How much good they were doing for the world and how they were working to better themselves. How I can't wait to see my parents and hold them even tighter. How I want to teach my future children to love unconditionally. How lucky I am that I'll get to have future children. 

These are the ramblings I've had going through my head all week. I hope you hold your families tight this week and keep these three souls in your prayers. 


  1. This is absolutely horrific! I'm so sorry to hear you lost such great friends.

    1. Thank you for your response, I honestly just want people to recognize what wonderful people we lost and how we can all make an impact the way they did.

  2. I just stopped by from the link-up and was so saddened to read your post. I'm so sorry that you've experienced loss from this tragedy, and that it happened so close to you. I graduated from Chapel Hill 8 years ago, but hearing of this happening in my alumni town struck me. I cried and cried when I heard the news. I'm continuing to pray for the town, the students, and their family and friends. I hope that healing will come quickly, and that their lives will only be seen as a positive impact on the community.
    Lindsay -

    1. Thank you, I was a little shocked I didn't hear more of a response from alumni. I feel like I get a little reminder everyday to do something nice or be more forgiving to others when I pass their house and I hope that stays with me.


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