Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Book Club: The Weight of Blood by: Laura McHugh

Like I said before I got a chance to read a couple of books over my break and this was definitely my favorite of the two! The Weight of Blood is set in the Ozarks in Henbane, Missori where you learn a young mentally handicapped woman was chopped up and strewn through a tree for the whole town to see. The story revolves around Lucy, a mysteriously beautiful girl and her father as she learns more about what happened to her friend Cheri and the connection between her mothers disappearance nearly 15 years prior. With the help of her friend Daniel she reveals a horrible family secret that has impacted her whole life.

This book reminded me a bit of The Husband's Secret, mostly how the narrative jumps between characters but not in a too confusing way and how they were all intricately woven together. You get to watch Lucy learn more about her mother while also reading chapters from her mother, Lila's perspective as she learns more about her new town, new husband and new child. This book was so suspenseful I was literally at the edge of my seat a couple times. I felt like my heart was racing as we learned more and more about the secrets of Henbane. The writing was so vivid for me I could truly picture where everything was and the detail within. I love a book the makes you want to read it but sometimes authors will give you a cliff hanger at the end of every chapter leaving you to want to read more. This is definitely not a bad thing but sometimes I feel like it's a trick to make you think you like a book when really you just had to keep reading because of all the cliff hangers. This book does not read like that. I wanted to keep reading simply because the story was so plot driven and I just had to learn more about this case.

I highly highly recommend this mystery thriller. If you need a more thought out and well written review head here.

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